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Areas of Expertise

Mental Health Treatment
Family Emotional Governance®

Belgravia Therapy have developed their own psychotherapeutic method known as Family Emotional Governance®. This method trademarked by Belgravia Therapy is a very effective process to safeguard your mental health and help couples or individuals navigate their way through a relationship crisis, or the mental anguish a separation or divorce can cause. It helps to improve the emotional responses to issues in marriage, and to gain a better understanding of each other.

Belgravia Therapy is a place separate from legal negotiations where you can process the emotional issues of divorce. You are likely to make better judgements and decisions about access to children and financial settlements. Lawyers are not trained in psychotherapy, and therapists are not trained to give legal advice, but when they work together you’ll have support from a highly skilled team. We work with associate partners in law, finance, crisis management and child psychology to help manage the process of separation and to reduce the mental anguish a divorce can cause for everyone involved.

Family Emotional Governance® can also help you rebuild your life by equipping you with new skills. The goal is to ultimately improve your emotional relationship with yourself and other people.


Psychotherapy is an evolutionary process that helps a person look at long-standing attitudes, thoughts, and behaviours that have resulted in the current quality of one’s life and relationships. Psychotherapy aims to empower the individual by freeing him/her from the grip of unconscious triggers or impulses through increased self-awareness.


Counselling is concerned with practical or immediate issues. It normally helps a client process powerful emotions such as grief or anger, deal with immediate causes of stress and anxiety, clarify values and identify options when making important personal or professional decisions, manage conflicts within relationships, develop better interpersonal and communication skills, or intentionally change unproductive thoughts and behaviours.

Transpersonal & Humanistic Therapy

Transpersonal and Humanistic Therapy takes a more holistic approach, addressing mental, physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual needs. To facilitate healing and growth, transpersonal therapy places great emphasis on honesty, open-mindedness, and self-awareness on the part of the therapist as well as the client. Transpersonal & Humanistic therapy is used to treat anxiety, depression, addictions, phobias, and other mood and behavioral problems.



Addiction Management

We have a lifetime’s experience in the Discovery of Recovery and Multi-Addiction Psychotherapy. With the willingness to explore the possibility of change, transformation is possible.


People with addictive disorders may be aware of their problem, but be unable to stop it even if they want to. The addiction may cause health problems as well as problems at work and with family members and friends.

We conduct a formal assessment of symptoms to see if a substance use disorder exists before advising on the best options of treatment. The advice on residential treatment and aftercare are all part of helping you and family members.

Attention Economy


At Belgravia Therapy we also talk about the Attention Economy. With the advent of the internet, the primary scarcity in society is no longer information. The scarcity in our world is no longer knowledge, there’s an abundance of knowledge available. The new scarcity in the internet age is attention. Since there is a surplus of information, more information flowing through our society than any of us could ever hope to process or understand, the new scarcity is attention. We now live in an attention-based economy that can have negative consequences on our mental health.