Caroline Curtis Dolby

Owner & Founder of Belgravia Therapy

Consultant on Family Emotional Governance
One to One Psychotherapy
Pre-Divorce. Divorce. Post-Divorce
Corporate Life Re-balancing
Relational Therapy for Couples
Multi Cultural. Transpersonal. Humanistic. Psychotherapist. BACP. MNCS. RCN. EFT Practitioner

Caroline Curtis Dolby available for Private appointments only through known referral sources.

The Art of Psychotherapy is Part Skill ~ Part Gift
Training and experience ~ Multi-Cultural Humanistic Transpersonal Psychotherapist

Clients are referrals from the Middle East, Europe, Russia, China and the UK.
Clients enter into a process at Belgravia Therapy which is "Client Centred". Your experience will be made up of being kindly challenged, confronted, informed and carefully supported.  

The objective is for self actualised awareness. My intention is for you to begin a journey of profound change. 

Never underestimate either the silence in a session or the time between sessions a they also provide great value in the process. 

Family Emotional Governance.
Consultant to Single Family Offices on emotional wellbeing within a family unit. 

Please contact for more information. 

Relationships and individual Counselling. 
Individual Psychotherapy:-
Relational Counselling for couples:- 
Pre-Divorce Counselling:-  Introduction to Trusted Partner Lawyers based on knowledge of client material.
Divorce support:- Separation between business of marriage and emotional side of marriage.
Post-Divorce:- Coaching for a purposeful future. 

Addiction Stages

You will be supported through the process of willingness to make the decision to get well.
You will be supported through the process of taking the first steps towards recovery.
You will be supported through the process of change.
You will be supported through the process of the decision to commit to Treatment.
You will be supported through the process of aftercare.
I ask you to investigate the possibility that life may be different ?

  1. Request T&C's.
  2. Family Emotional Governance Consultation. 
  3. Private Psychotherapy.

Advice on Treatment Options.
At Belgravia Therapy,  we never refer clients to a Treatment Provider which has not been visited.  A referral is suggested to a client,  if we feel totally comfortable with the treatment package being offered and we have invited them to be a trusted partner.

Each clinic is observed in terms of group dynamics and facilitators over one or two week period. We feel it is important to meet with the team of counsellors, psychotherapists and other clinicians working with clients. On admission Clients are requested to give permission for a weekly report to be forwarded back to the primary therapist in the country of origin.


Family Emotional Governance. Consultation.
Nursing Staff provided in comfort of your own home. Will travel with client if necessary.  
Six one-to-one sessions of initial therapy.
Day Programmes.
Evening and Weekend Programmes.
In patient Residential Programmes.
Aftercare Programmes.
Additional 12-step support.
Informed choice and budgets discussed.

Family support.
Treatment options which are supportive of the families who are experiencing addiction issues and are unaware of where to seek help.

Treatment faculties will normally will include a strong family dynamic and a degree of involvement, possibly in a family group or with a designated counsellor. It is often comforting to know they will not be excluded.


Family Emotional Governance

Family Emotional Governance
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Pre-Divorce. Divorce. Post-Divorce
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Corporate Life Re-balancing
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Trusted Partners

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International Referrals

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