Multi-generational Addiction. 
  • Substance Addiction 
  • Drug
  • Alcohol 

Process Addiction 
  • Sex addiction. 
  • Technology Addiction
  • Intimacy disorders
  • Risk Taking
  • Gambling
  • Exercise

This is a process of finding the willingness to get well. The process begins with an appointment for an Initial Consultation. 
  • Present yourself.
  • Commit to a Psychotherapeutic Relationship. 
  • Emotional Courage required if anything in your life is to profoundly change.
  • Possible options for secondary Treatment. 

Aftercare structured plan and support. 
  • Weekly reports sent to Primary therapist.
  • Aftercare discharge plan forwarded. 
  • Reintegration into society. 
  • Addiction is a decease of relapse not recovery. 
  • Relapse plan. 
  • Continued support. 

Family Emotional Governance

Family Emotional Governance
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Pre-Divorce. Divorce. Post-Divorce
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Corporate Life Re-balancing
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